Involve the kids in the process of creating a Scribble book!
An 11"x8.5" custom hardcover Scribble book of kids' artwork
100# matte coated paper
A Scribble book makes a great thoughtful Holiday gift!
Make your kids super proud!
Involve the kids in the process of creating a Scribble book!
Thumbnail: An 11"x8.5" custom hardcover Scribble book of kids' artwork
Thumbnail: 100# matte coated paper
Thumbnail: A Scribble book makes a great thoughtful Holiday gift!
Thumbnail: Make your kids super proud!
Thumbnail: Involve the kids in the process of creating a Scribble book!

Custom Hardcover Photo Book From Your Kids' Art

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"It was SO easy to put together and it decluttered my daughter's room. I'm definitely going to be making at least one a year."

-Calliope C, a Scribble Customer

the easiest way to preserve kids' art

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Scribble simplifies the process of turning piles of artwork into beautiful hardcover photo books. It’s a simple and organized way to preserve children's creativity and boost their confidence. Upload photos today and create something beautiful out of the chaos.

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Take Imperfect Photos

Scribble's advanced computer vision algorithms do some pretty magical things to your children's artwork photos so that they turnout amazing in a hardcover photo book. Our photo cleanup process is continually being torture tested by our own children (6 and up) with the intent that creating a photo book can be painless and something that your kids can be a part of too. Below are some of the steps that we go through for every photo that you upload.

Auto background removal

Throw it on the floor or a table to photograph your artwork. As long as there is reasonable color contrast, we'll remove the background from your photo (for example, no white paper on a white counter top). This allows us to isolate the artwork and add a background color in a later step.

Photo rotation

Taking the perfectly straight photo can be a bit of a juggling act sometimes. We take the anxiety out of making sure you're perfectly aligned over your artwork and automatically correct most off-angle photos or incorrectly rotated photos.

Photo enhancements

Our smartphone cameras do an amazing job making our photos look great in imperfect situations. We take it a step further and tune elements like white balance, contrast, vibrance, and saturation.

Background colors

We analyze the colors in every photo and suggest a background color for each artwork piece. You can globally select a color theme based on our suggestions or optionally override a background color suggestion and choose one that suits the mood.

Our printing presses require that our books have at minimum of 24 pages, otherwise the pages might not glue properly and could fall out. They also have a maximum limit of 200 pages due to the structural limitation of the binding.

Yes! In fact, you get a FREE digital version of any Scribble book (no purchase necessary!). Feel free to share these books over text or your favorite social platform.

How do I Access My Free Scribble Digital Book?

  1. Login and select the project that you would like view the digital book.
  2. In the project menu, select "Public Sharing".
  3. Click to copy the link provided for you Scribble digital book.
  4. You can completely disable your digital book by selecting "Private". Note that Scribble digital books are not publicly listed anywhere and are yours to share. 

Our custom books are handmade in the USA and feature interior pages  printed on heavy 100# matte coated paper with premium color inks. Our covers are casebound matte laminated for a durable and vibrant, gallery-worthy appearance.

*Price includes 24 pages (1 image/page). Add as many pages as you like for $0.30 per additional page.

Turn your kid's artwork into a stunning photo book

Effortless hardcover photo books, designed at the speed of upload

Scribble Artwork
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What Our Fans Are Saying

"Did you make everything in here?... Yes! My Mom did it."


No joke I’m super excited about doing this 2x a year for each kid and building a little library of my kids art books.


I am so excited that I've found Scribble. This has been the perfect solution for all of our artwork.


Enter @scribble_creativity you upload photos of your kids’ artwork and they turn it into a really beautiful book.


These books are beautiful and so well made! Kid Art always makes a lovely Mother’s Day gift - especially when its in a beautiful book!


We looked over every page as he reminisced on the day that he created the piece.


You made this on Father's Day and now we'll have it forever in our book!


I did that! I did that! I did that!

Camera phone taking picture of artwork for Scribble

Take Imperfect Photos

Scribble's advanced computer vision algorithms will automatically remove backgrounds, straighten, and enhance your photos

See It In Action

Flip through a book to see how all types of artwork are magically transformed into beautiful pages