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Scribble Art Gifted Collab

Getting started with the Scribble gifted collab

  • Lindsay talking about her Scribble Art book experience
  • Another happy mom raving about her Scribble books
  • A mom and her daughter proudly going through their book
  • This mom tossed out tubs of artwork

Do you enjoy sharing your favorite products and recommendations on social media, message groups, or blogging? Whether you are an influencer or an in-the-know mom, we have just the thing for you! Your opinion matters to others (and us!) and we have partnered with Audenticity, a trusted affiliate platform, to power authentic recommendations like yours. Join Scribble in our Audenticy ambassador program!

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Getting Started

Within 2 weeks of receiving your product, post a reel and then re-share it as an Instagram story and/or TikTok and add your affiliate link.

Tag Us

Tag @scribble_creativity and @audenticity in both the reel and the story so we can reshare it! This will also ensure that we see it and don’t miss out on your great content.


Posting more than once will increase the likelihood of someone purchasing through your affiliate link. Looking for some ideas?

  • A before/after video of the piles of artwork vs the book
  • An unboxing video
  • A reel of your little one(s) seeing their book for the first time
  • An explainer video of what you like about the product
  • A carousel post of your little one(s) artwork or creation
Scribble is the ultimate gift for parents and families celebrating the creativity of our youth.