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Creating your Scribble Book

Can I Invite Others to Add Artwork to a Book?

Yes! You can invite your partner, cousins across the country, or your child's teacher to contribute to a Scribble book.

We are personal fans of creating a collaborative book with other kids. This is a great way to see the creativity energy and inspiration that occurs when kids create  together. It's a fun way to create something that they can be proud of together

How Do I Invite Others?

  1. To invite a collaborator, login and select the project that you would like to add them to.
  2. In the project menu, select "Invite Collaborators"
  3. Set their desired permissions. You can give them full access to administer the book or you can just let them add artwork photos.
  4. Copy the provided invite link and share it via text or email.
  5. They'll be able to click the link and create a Scribble account and automatically be added to your book.