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Nurturing Young Creativity with a Dad's Touch

  • Steve's son drawing in his art book
  • Happy kids holding their Scribble Art books
  • Steve Au, founder of Scribble holding up a Scribble Art book
  • Steve Au's daughter creating a Scribble Art book of her artwork

An Artful Start

Scribble was born during the COVID lockdown, where Steve witnessed firsthand the creative explosion of his two young children. Inspired by their unfiltered, colorful expressions, and his struggle to preserve their creativity, Scribble was created to make it easy for parents to turn these masterpieces into lasting memories

Your Child's Artistic Journey

Scribble is the easiest way for parents to transform kids' art into lasting keepsakes. No more piles of drawings or crumpled masterpieces. Just beautiful, high-quality keepsakes that capture and inspire childhood creativity.

How it Began

During the COVID lockdown, Steve's two kids, then aged 4 and 6, developed a ritual of pulling up their art cart to the dining room table, unleashing a chaotically organized assortment of art supplies. As the family adapted to work-from-home and being together 24/7, the children's daily art creations became a steady stream of fun and whimsical pieces that adorned the fridge—and created quite the pile.

While the lockdown brought many challenges, Steve found a silver lining in having a front-row seat to his children's creative minds. The family could engage with the kids as they created, asking and answering questions, and gaining a deeper understanding of their perspectives through their unfiltered, vibrant art—sometimes even more expressive than their words.

Steve saw the need for an easier way for busy parents to organize and celebrate their children's artwork, while also encouraging their creativity by showcasing their unique artistic development in a lasting way. He rolled up his sleeves to create Scribble Art, a cutting-edge platform that leverages AI-powered computer vision technology to magically transform even the most weathered artwork into a stunning, high-quality printed keepsake.

Scribble is the ultimate gift for parents and families celebrating the creativity of our youth.